Read all the F.A.Q's carefully to fully understand the basics of EASY EARN.

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We take fraud very serious and don’t allow users to make more than one account. If you’re having issues with your account please contact us via live support.

We have developed a Invite Center specifically designed to help you get more invites and earnings!

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If your friend/family joined and you weren't credited, it could be because of the possible issues below.

  • - Your friend already has an account
  • - Your referral was fraudulent
  • - You provided the wrong referral link
  • - They entered the wrong link
  • - They forgot to sign up with your link.
  • Please note that it takes 5-10 minutes for your earnings to update!

    We offer various ways to earn on our platform.

  • - Get paid for clicks ($2)
  • - Get paid for invites ($10)
  • - Get paid to test apps ($25+)
  • - Get paid for play games ($25+)
  • After completing a task, please allow 5-10 minutes for it to register back to our system. If you still aren't credited you either did the task incorectly by not following the directions, or you already completed the task in the past.

    This video shows you how to Cash Out on XXXXXXNXXXXXX. Watch carefully. If you need help, contact your manager!